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Royal Special Coffee Bags 100s

The House of Robert Timms


Specially developed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, this lightly roasted blend of the finest cof…

Royal Special Ground Coffee 200g

The House of Robert Timms


A lightly roasted blend of the finest coffee beans. Mild-bodied with a smooth and delicate flav…

Freeze Dried Coffee 500g

The House of Robert Timms


The House of Robert Timms Freeze-Dried Coffee is a dark roasted, full-bodied premium coffee wit…

From Our House to Yours

Coffee Blog - We're Always Roasting & Brewing

An Instant Coffee Winner

Everyone loves their cup coffee! In recent A Current Affair segment, World Barista Judge Justin Metc

8th Dec 2020

How To Make Café-Quality Coffee At Home

If you're a home barista who wants to perfect your brew, our National Trainer and Head Barista, Ross

16th Nov 2020

Coffee Bean Cookies

Try our latest recipe for Coffee Bean Cookies that taste even better than they look.Ingredients:120g

8th Oct 2020