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Signature Series Roasted Coffee Beans 500g

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SINGLE PACK of 500g $25 each. Available in 4 variants. Only available online! 

Khalid Light

Part of the THRT Signature Series Roasted Coffee Beans, Khalid is named after Kaldi, the legendary Ethiopian goat herder who discovered the coffee plant around 850 AD.

A light roast blend, it has sweet rich berry fruit notes that give you the taste of a high quality Ethiopian coffee and is recommended for Espresso drinkers!

Khalid Dark 

A dark roast blend that has notes of raisins and dark chocolate for you to experience luxury in coffee.

Marzipan Kahawa

Medium roasted beans with the notes of hazelnut, sweet milk chocolate and maple syrup, this blend will remind you of a chocolate flavoured marzipan; which is a candy like mixture made mainly of almond & sugar; considered as a delicacy in many European countries. Marzipan Kahawa is definitely for those who are looking to try something different & refined in taste.

Tropical Kopi

Sourced from the highlands of tropical countries around the world, Tropical Kopi is a medium roast blend that has notes of robust dark chocolate, malt & toffee, which makes it perfect for those who love to indulge in a great latte!

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