Private Label Roasting – Your Brand

We’re here to help you grow with Your Private Label roasting and instant coffee requirements. FreshFood is one of Australia's leading coffee manufacturers, well known for our brands The House of Robert Timms and Bushells Coffee. We are the only company in Australia supplying coffee in all formats. Our range includes coffee beans, roast & ground coffee, high-quality instant coffee, pulverised coffee, coffee essence and our exclusive coffee bags. Contact us to discuss your low or high volume coffee requirements.

Premium Australian Coffee Products for Your Brand

Expertly blended and roasted to perfection
in Australia.

We’re Australia’s leading coffee manufacturer for nearly 70 years and the leader in Private Label roasting for hundreds of businesses. From low to high volume roasting capacity, we can help your business with whatever your coffee needs. We’re are here to help you grow your business with private label roasting.

Grow your coffee business in 3 steps.

Step 1

Your Coffee Blend
Choose from our speciality blends from Arabica to Robusta. Tell us your preference and we will work with you to make it happen.

Step 2

Your Design
Premium coffee expertly blended and roasted with your logo and packaging design.

Step 3

Fast Manufacturing
We roast and manufacture all our coffee at our Concord, NSW facility and straight to your door.

Work with the Leader in Private Label

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