Meet Sam, Our Coffee Technologist

Meet Sam, Our Coffee Technologist

10th Sep 2020

Coffee Board of Kenya and Coffee Exporter are just two of the hats that The House of Robert Timm’s Coffee Technologist Sam has worn in the past. From green beans to perfect piccolo lattes, Sam knows his stuff!

A typical day for Sam involves testing, testing and more testing! Responsible for testing all the green beans, judging the quality of the green beans, approving samples, checking deliveries against approved samples, testing the roasted beans as well as all the final products, Sam is on the front line in the war against bad coffee and he is winning!

“I test all the finished products for things like flavour and solubility and consistency is key,” says Sam. “Whether you are drinking our coffee in a café, at a hotel or at home, you should always experience the same premium taste.”

“I’ve been working for The House of Robert Timmsfor four years now and nothing gets past me,” laughs Sam. “My nose knows and I can pick up any small change or if something is out of spec. Unless I am 100 % happy our products will never hit the shelves, so you can always expect excellence."

“I love my job and I love that we are always moving forward,” continued Sam. “ You can often find me on the mini roaster roasting my own beans so that I can better undersand different blends and roasts and how they work together. We are always evaluating, improving and striving for something better, so that you can enjoy an even better cup of coffee.”