Mocha Kenya Coffee Bags 8s

The finest quality coffee beans blended together and medium roasted to produce a smooth flavour with sweet acidity and a rich aroma.  


Introducing Mocha Kenya our medium roasted coffee in an easy to brew coffee bag, a delicious and vibrant coffee experience that is sure to awaken your senses. This coffee has been carefully roasted to bring out the natural flavors of the beans, resulting in a light-bodied and delicate taste that is perfect for those who prefer a milder brew.


Our medium roasted coffee is made from high-quality, sustainably sourced Arabica beans that have been grown in some of the world's most renowned coffee regions. With a carefully controlled roast profile, we have created a coffee that boasts a sweet roasted aroma.


This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a clean and crisp cup of coffee that is not overly bitter or strong. It pairs exceptionally well with breakfast pastries, light desserts, and fresh fruit. Its light body and bright acidity also make it a great coffee to enjoy as a refreshing iced beverage on hot summer days.


So why settle for less, experience a quality smooth mild brew. Order now and savor the taste of Mocha Kenya with every sip!

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